In court, the medical science: bioethics as a forum for discussion and as a laboratory for legitimation of challenging medical practices

Editora Juruá, ISBN 978-85-362-2916-4, p. 189-202, Curitiba, 2010, 626p.

It is a redimensioning, now in a collective work, of a previously work published with the Portuguese psychiatrist and researcher Zagalo José Antonio Cardoso, from the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, University of Coimbra. It suggests that the ethical life is incompatible with the human desire for perfection sometimes present in the advancement of medicine, but instead of blaming these experiences, it highlights the urgent need to implement their happiness. The responsibility of the researchers here is protagonized, in addition to recognition of the plurality of values ​​in the face of the notion of inalienable human freedom: it is impossible to allow the existence of a moral authority able to dictate unbeatable standards of ethical conduct,  being necessary therefore to respect the different conceptions of good human life, especially when the consequences of their decisions relate only to those who take them.


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