The accusation against the Poet Arquias and the defense made by Cicero: contributions to the philosophical basis of a constitutional right of literature and education

Editora Rideel/UNIPAC, ISBN 978-85-339-2230-3, p. 89-109, São Paulo, 2012, 240p.

A Greek poet named Arquias was accused in the century. I b. C of falsifying documents to acquire Roman citizenship. The work of Cicero as his advocate in the process not only gave him absolution, resulting in  the accountability  of the state by promoting literature, culture and poetry. The CF/88, in its art. 215 ensures us the full exercise of cultural rights, surely the ones of expression, creation and enjoyment of cultural goods, and it must be recognized that there is an implicit right to literature. On the other hand, art. 205 from  the constitutional diploma establishes, among other things, that the role of education is to ensure the full development of a person. It is suspected that there is common ground between the constitutional apparatus of education and literature, namely, that they both humanize us, as Cicero and classical liberal education believed


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